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Little Blue Book

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

I am the founder and Director of House of Samuel. This is a piece I wrote back in 10th grade before I had ever even gone on a missions trip. Even though I had never stepped a foot outside the U.S., I knew Asia was calling me, and I wanted to be ready.

I thought this short story would be a fun way to start off you getting to know me and my ministry. Hope you enjoy!


Little Blue Book

{Anticipation: that sensation you have when you know something wonderful, or terrible is about to take place.}

Anticipation is the way you feel on Christmas morning right before opening your present. Or when you’re sitting in the dentist office waiting to be called back for your appointment. It is the best word to describe how I felt. I had been looking forward to this day for what seemed forever.

As the drive to the Courthouse dragged on, anticipation and enthusiasm stepped aside, giving way to another less pleasant emotion: impatience. This new feeling nagged at me as the drive continued. I squirmed in my seat and adjusted the seat belt that was determined to leave ugly red lines across the side of my neck. “Will we ever arrive at our destination?” “Do we have much further to go?”

Finally! The building came in to view, thankfully, before my hair had turned to a silvery gray. My dad, who was the driving the minivan, turned into a parking spot. He turned the key towards himself shutting off the engine. My parents claimed out of the vehicle and eagerly I followed. The Courthouse building stood before us tall and, in my personal opinion, beautiful. We entered through glass doors. Just inside the entrance, there was a security guard and a metal detector. Before heading upstairs, we had to empty our pockets and walk through the detector. When that task was complete, we made our way to the Clerk's’ Office. When we found the correct room, we entered and were greeted by a young employee, who looked as though she was straight out of college. We explained what had brought us there and she seemed happy to help. She handed us a two-page form to be filled out. My mom and I took a seat by the wall. Mom helped me to fill out the form. It took us some time to answer the many questions. As we sat there, my mom calmly penning out the answers, I began to shake, not a fearful nervous shake, but an anxious, excited shake. There were just a few more steps to be completed.

The form filled out. we returned to the counter. I had to present my birth certificate along with my drivers’ permit and the money I had work hard to earn during the summer months.

The lady behind the counter smiled her friendly smile, ‘Two to Six weeks.” She said. Two to six weeks and the package would be sent to me by mail. In just a few weeks, I would have it; I would hold in my hands, my passport. The little blue book that would allow me to travel to a different country, to a different continent. With this book, I would get on a plane, fly across the Atlantic ocean to a land that I love, though have only seen in my dreams. With this little blue book, I would fly to my beloved India. With my passport, I could fly to any place. Soon, very soon, it would be mine’ my ticket to the world.


That little blue book now is being filled up with stamps and visas as I travel the world for Jesus!

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