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Behind Her Eyes

We're so honored to be able to serve the Leprosy community.

Behind her eyes lies a quiet strength unmatched by anything you find in natural. These are the eyes of a modern day Job. She did no wrong to cause her ailment. She did not choose for herself the disease that separates her from the rest of society. She did not choose to be the lowest of lows; what the world has labeled an untouchable.

But look into her eyes and see something more. See a woman whose strength comes from the Lord. The Lord looks upon her and says “Have you considered my servants, on earth who is like her? She walks before Me and praises My name even with the hardships she’s faced.” “Have you considered my servants in the Leprosy community? Have you seen how much they love Me? Have you seen how they praise me with drums, tying sticks to their palms of their hands since they lack fingers to grasp them? Despite everything, they love Me.”

The untouchables are some of the poorest and most mistreated people in the world, they are the least of these, but they will be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven! They have become a large part of our ministry focus and I love being able to worship with, encourage them, pray for them, and spend time with. One of the ladies calls me, Manavaralu (granddaughter), and always greats me with a hug and kiss. How humbling, how beautiful, how wonderful to be able to serve them!

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