The Heart

"A child without education is like a bird without wings" 

Tibetan Proverb 


Our mission is to prepare every student  to meet the challenges of a dynamic and changing world. Our children will be encouraged to learn and value:









It was right after we first started the children's home, I sat down with one of the children to work on homework, a boy of 13 years. It took just a few minutes to realize that he wasn't even able to recognize the alphabet. No big deal, right?; we could start from the beginning. The shock came after I learnt that this boy had been going to school years.  He had passed from grade to grade up until 7th. No one seemed to mind that he was completely illiterate. It was heartbreaking to think that he was doing everything he could in his power to get an education, yet, was still being robbed of it. The same boy, I soon realized, had dyslexia. When I asked what could the school do about it, I discovered they'd never heard of it. Dyslexia is a  learning disorder that affects 1 in 4 people. If they hadn't heard of it, I knew they didn't have the means to help someone overcome it. 

We've helped the children in our home to overcome many disadvantages in learning. But, there so many others.
 Having a school, with well educated teachers, would give us the capacity to reach hundreds of children. And to ultimately change their lives forever.

~Founder and Director of HoS